Its already built
Often cheaper than a new build
The Sale process is quicker
You can physically inspect the property
Single contract transaction.                                                                                    Cheaper in most cases 



Greater chance of cost on repairs                                                                              Less desirable to premium tenants means less rental return.                            Less Equity growth in established areas
None of the government benefits,                                                                         No stamp duty rebate,                                                                                                         No depreciation returns.                                                                                                No first-time buyers grant,                                                                                            NO Developer incentives, rental guarantee's, free solar panels, decor choice, fittings choice
Could have a higher cost to utilities because of older technology in place.
No builder’s warrantee on appliances on the build?                                             Not new 






Stamp duty benefits for FirstTime buyers up to $8750

FTB Government Grants available on off-plan purchases, $15,000 in Qld

Depreciation returns for investors, approx $50k to $70k in the 1st 5 years alone over $200,000 on a 20 year period on average, that could be half of your investment back in tax!                                                                                                                                           Built to order for you, when your ready                                                                                JSA Properties are not advertised on Property portals or with High street agents

More inclined to rent out, as newer is more desirable

Can achieve a higher price on rental return, up to 7% approx (Dualkey builds)

Builders warrantee's

Additional Time to save up while being built

Can make décor choices (developer permitting)

Modern fixtures & Fittings, USB wall plugs, Internet services built-in.

More economical on energy savings on your bills

Potential equity growth during the build process, buy in the early stages.

Many come with rental guarantee’s (for investors)

Modern architectural design

It's New                                                                                                                              Various incentives provided for Investors, free solar panels, rental Guarantee's, ask your JSA Consultant for details.




You have to wait 12 to 18 weeks to be built

No physical property to inspect unless you visit one of our many Showhomes

Less likely to be able to negotiate on price (more likely to get additional inclusions)

Smaller blocks, more in line with today's demands.



 These are the options of JSA, based on experience, client comments and research on .Gov sites,  JSA is not responsible for any action you may take based on this information.