House & Land


All our House and land packages are full turn key, this means one price covers the entire build, land, House, fencing, Landscaping & Driveway, there are no hidden build costs.


House and land packages are the back bone of our business, ideal for Owner occupiers and Investors a like.


Starting from as low as $380,000 for a 4 bed in the outer areas up into the millions in the coastal areas and CBD.


All our packages are sauced through reputable builders based locally and offering the highest standards available.


All out packages can be reserved from as little as $1000 refundable deposit and a fully completed EOI form.


The majority of packages are on split contracts one for the land and one for the build, we can arrange single contract builds in selected areas or for an additional cost.


Typically you will need 10% of the land price and 5% of the build price as a minimum for your deposit, on a $450,00 if the land was $200,000 you would need $20,000 and the build price was $250,000 you would need $12.500 totaling $32,500 as your deposit, JSA has exclusive deals with a range of builders With deposits starting from as low as 5% of the total package price you can secure a $450,00 property from as little as $22,500 on selected builds.


As a first home buyer in Qld you can apply for a $15,000 first home owners grant and be exempt from stamp duty on purchases under $750,000, seek financial advice.


SMSF purchasers need to meet a strict criteria to invest in house and land packages, some f the points to look for are, the investment must be on a single contract, completed within 6 months and a minimum of 20% deposit is required, we can arrange for you to speak to a finance specialist free of charge to see if you are eligible.


Dual Key


Dual properties are often called Dual Key or Duplex.


A Dual key is a House and land package usually a 4,5 or 6 bed purchased and built as one dwelling on a single block of land, the dwelling is split in to two separate homes, meaning you can rent out two properties for the price of one.


With two sets of tenants paying rent these are great investments for the savvy investor, with returns usually between 5% and 7% of the purchase price.


A dual key must be sold of as a single entity it can not be sold separately, these types of investment are highly recommended by JSA for their above average rental return can assist on paying of your loan early saving you $1000's.


We work with several specialist builders offering Dual key, Duplex and on occasion single contract Dual's for smsf investment.


A Duplex is similar to a dual key in the way it is built and able to offer two rental incomes with one huge difference! once permission has be approved and paid for you can sell the two half's off separately enabling you to keep one while freeing up equity if needed.


Duplex are typically of a higher price than Dual keys as there are regulations to be met, but often they can return a much higher equity return as you can split the block in to two and sell it separately.


All out packages can be reserved from as little as $1000 refundable deposit and a fully completed EOI form.


Town House


A Town house is usually a great place to start for a first home owner or investor as they are typically more affordable on the purchase price.


A town house is a usually a row of properties all of a similar style in medium to high density area.


A town house can come in 2, 3 or 4 bed perfect for a singleton or a family, often close to amenities for ease and work.


We have Availability from the Gold coast to to the Sunshine coast and along the Western corridor towards Ipswich and Toowoomba.


You will often find a Townhouse is within its own little community offering security as well as additional benefits, like communal areas that may include a pool, Gym, BBQ areas and parks.


All this usually comes at an additional cost of a body corp fee, paid by you to maintain services.


JSA has a selection of bespoke town houses available in key locations without body corp.


Unlike our house and land packages which are built to order, Town house are all started at the same time with an approx date for completion so may be an ideal option if your working to a date you have to move by.


All out packages can be reserved from as little as $1000 refundable deposit and a fully completed EOI form.




Apartments, once the stable diet of the home grown and overseas investor, have seen a decline in recent years but are now making a steady return with the supply and demand ratios leveling out in major CBD's.


JSA can provide luxury apartments in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast , NSW & Canberra one of the fastest growing markets for apartments at the present time.


All out packages can be reserved from as little as $1000 refundable deposit and a fully completed EOI form.